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cookies and cream

fat bombs

Yield: 36 bite-sized fat bombs (18 servings)

Serving Size: 2 fat bombs



Chocolate Cookie Crumb Portion:


Vanilla Cream Portion:





1. Heat the butter and salt and then mix into the almond flour until the fully combined, then heat in the microwave (stirring every 20 seconds to prevent burning) or toast over the stove until the almond flour has toasted light brown. Mix in the erythritol and then the cocoa powder until well combined, then set aside to cool while you make the filling.


2. To make the cream filling, mix together the cream cheese, erythritol, vanilla and salt, then once those ingredients are fully combined, slowly incorporate the melted butter. CAREFULLY fold in one spoonful of the "cookie crumb" mixture until only slightly mixed in (see video above).


3. Spoon this mixture into a piping bag to portion into silicone molds , or spoon the mixture directly into a parchment-lined container of your choice in an even layer. Press the cookie crumb mixture on top of the fat bombs (see video above) making sure to press firmly to ensure it all sticks to the filling. Freeze the fat bombs for at least 1 hour, or overnight, then either remove from the molds or slice into 36 even portions if you made one large block.


Keep these stored in the fridge in an air-tight container. As long as you haven't used cacao butter, these can also be frozen and will be like little ice cream bites (if you DID use cacao butter, these will be rock hard in the freezer and will taste better kept in the fridge only). 





Adapted from:











































Please note that I used MyFitnessPal (a FREE app) to calculate this info, so it may not be 100% accurate.



TPH KETO Cookies and Cream Fat Bomb Truffles

(1 serving):

kcal 122 / net Carbs 1g / Sugars 0g / Fat 13g / Protein 1g

(made with erythritol or swerve only)


Full-Sugar Cookies-n-Cream Truffles (1 serving):

kcal 162 / net Carbs 9g / Sugars 3g / Fat 14g / Protein 1g

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