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Almond Joy coconut candy bar

Adapted from:

  • 215g sugar-free milk/dark chocolate or homemade

  • 65g unsweetened shredded coconut

  • 50g isomalt or sorbitol (you can sub this out for erythritol, but the coconut filling may end up grainy after it has cooled since erythritol crystalizes easily)

  • 1 tb. water

  • 100g full-fat coconut milk / OR coconut cream / OR water

  • Whole almonds

Heat the sweetener with 1 tablespoon of water over medium heat, stirring to dissolve.

Once the sweetener(s) have dissolved and are bubbling, add the coconut cream and whisk well.

Cook over low heat, stirring often, until most of the water has evaporated and it starts to thicken, to about 60C/140F.

Remove from the heat and add in the shredded coconut, mixing well.

Let cool in the fridge until fully chilled.

Scoop out 1-2 tablespoons and form into a flat oval similar to the shape of an almond joy bar. Freeze until they're firm and can be picked up without changing shape.

Melt your chocolate to about 30C/85F (temper it first if you want chocolate that is hard at room temperature, though real Almond Joys have a soft chocolate coating, so tempering is not necessary if you're really trying to mimic the original).

Dip one flat side of each oval into the melted chocolate, then place them with the chocolate side down onto a non-stick baking mat, baking paper, or plastic wrap. Let sit until the chocolate has set, or move to the fridge if not using tempered chocolate.

Cover a baking sheet with plastic wrap then place a cooling rack on top. Place the coconut ovals on the rack, chocolate-side down, with an inch or two of space between each.

Place two almonds on top of each oval, pressing down slightly so that they stick and don't roll off.

​Re-warm chocolate to 30C/85F.

Pour a thin layer of melted chocolate over each almond joy bar, then let sit so that the excess drips off and is collected in the baking sheet below (can be re-used). 

Let sit at room temperature to set for tempered chocolate, or in the fridge for un-tempered chocolate (or chocolate without cocoa butter).


Note: To make Bounty bars or Mounds bars, just leave out the almonds and almond flavoring

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