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Servings Size: 1 brownie

Yield: 16 small brownies



3 large eggs (165g total) (~55g = 1 large egg)

200g powdered isomalt (without this, the brownies won't get crips edges and a shiny crunchy layer on top like traditional brownies, but you can sub it for erythritol to lower the carb count)

120g erythritol 

80g salted butter

60g nut butter OR cream cheese, warm

1/2 ts guar gum

200g sugar-free dark chocolate (click here for a DIY recipe)

1 ts. vanilla extract/paste

48g low-carb flour substitute (I use 3 parts almond flour, 1 part coconut flour, and 1/4 ts. of xanthan gum per 1 cup of "flour")




1. Preheat oven to 350F/175C degrees.


2. Butter your baking pan and dust it with a thin layer of cocoa powder to act as a non-stick coating.


3. Melt together the chocolate, butter and cream cheese and mix well. Add the vanilla and guar gum, mix well.


4. Whip the sweeteners and eggs together until they start to get fluffy and pale yellow, then gradually incorporate this into the chocolate mixture.


5. Sift in the low-carb "flour" and incorporate well.


6. Pour the batter into the pan and bake for 30 minutes or until the edges have cooked through and are getting crispy, but the middle is still soft. Do not over-bake!


7. For dense fudgy brownies, leave the middle slightly under-cooked (it will set solid once it is cooled) and for cake-y brownies, bake until a toothpick or knife inserted into the center comes out with crumbs but no liquid batter on it.


8. Cool completely, then refrigerate to chill. (It will not cut cleanly unless chilled.) You can freeze it for a short amount of time to ensure extra-clean cuts.





Want fudgy brownies instead of chewy? Check out this recipe: Keto Fudgy Brownies (with optional mint frosting)


Want an easy, quick single-serving brownie? Check out: Keto Microwave Mug Brownie











Nutrition Comparison:
Please note that I used MyFitnessPal (a FREE app) to calculate this info, so it may not be 100% accurate.

(net carbs = total carbs - dietary fiber [dietary fiber is what makes up to a significant portion of most sugar-alcohols, as well as much of the carbs in coconut flour])


Starbucks Brownie (HALF a serving):       

Calories 205 / Carbs 23g / Sugar 15g / Fat 24g / Protein 3g



TPH Low-Carb Chewy Brownie (1 serving):  

Calories 188 / Carbs 4g / Sugar 0g / Fat 14g / Protein 4g

(made with erythritol only)


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